Sunday, 15 June 2014

Challenge for June: Lucky dip for a child or your own choice

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Friday 13th June
10am – 2 pm
Craft Day
(first 2 visits free)
At the show grounds.
Park outside..
Entry use Mulgrave Rd., gate which must remain locked
14th June
10am -12 noon
Sewing Circle
($2.00 )
Bring any hand sewing project or UFO
All Welcome Fibrebarn
Park in the Street
Entry use Mulgrave Rd., gate which otherwise must remain locked.

Friday 20th June
10am – 2 pm
Craft Day
(first 2 visits free)
All Welcome
Show grounds
Hands-on Day ‘Felt in a Dish’ Book with Margaret 4055 5899 who can supply a list of requirements
25th June
6 – 8.45pm
(first 2 visits free)
Contact Margaret:- 4055 5899
At the Fibrebarn
‘Felt in a Dish’

Friday 27st June
10am – 12 pm
Pack up for the show
2nd July
10am – 2pm
Bobbin Lace
(first 2 visits free)
Venue - pending

Advertisements/Announcements No.10

Redlands Spinners & Weavers have a new website:-

Koala Convention:s   Exhibition in Brisbane. promoting Textile and Felt Artists.

Hundreds of Workshops at:                   Hundreds of Embroidery Kits & more at:

Redlands Spinners & Weavers now have a website.

QSW&FA Clippings is available & ads for workshops.

You do not have to be a financial member to access their website and the Newsletter.

Fibre Arts Aust. Ad

Remember Flying Arts:-

Free newsletter .

And also Arts News Portal

Free newsletter:-

‘Felt in a Dish’

  • Two Hand towels
  • Roasting pan – or even an aluminium disposable roasting dish, or equivalent.
  • Piece of Bubble wrap – at least twice the size of your roasting dish.
  • Piece of smooth scrim curtain fabric. – like the slippery old terylene curtains, or a piece of nylon tulle. Don’t need to buy it. A bit bigger than your roasting pan size.
  • Icecream container to hold water.
  • A plastic shopping bag.
  • Superfine felting fleece if you have it.  Make sure it will felt if bringing your own. Several colours preferred, or swap with others on the day. To test your fleece: Roll a walnut size piece in your hand, wet it with warm soapy water or detergent and then roll it into a ball for about 5 – 10 minutes. If it doesn’t felt in this much time, don’t use it.
  • Some scraps of either silk (threads or fabric), or wool, or fine fabric. Just little bits.
  • A piece of plastic pipe, or broom handle. Only needs to be about 60 cms long. (Can share as not everyone will be at the same stage at the one time).
  • Two pegs to hang your felted piece out to dry.
  • A small plastic tray like what the supermarket puts chicken, or sausages on. With ridges in the bottom is best. Even an old soap box works OK.
  • Scissors.
Regards. Margaret P.

Joyce for Fibrecrafters Club

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